You want to wear your cute sundresses and airy sandals so that you don't sweat during your commute to work

There are many, many things I love about the warmer weather, especially when it comes to summer outfit tips. One thing I don't love? My freezing cold office, which could easily be confused for a very large freezer with desks and air conditioned blanket computers during the summertime. Only those of us who work in an office building understand the true struggle of going from walking around in 80 degree humidity to sitting in what can only be referred to as an icebox, shivering in front of our computer, and trying to figure out why our building managers hate us so much.

Sure, air conditioning is a wonderful thing, but is there a reason is needs to be kept so low that we need more than a few layers just to comfortably get through the day? If there is a reason, please fill me in so I can think rational thoughts while I am nursing my goose bumps and trying to focus on my work.

Needless to say, cold offices and hot weather make for some interesting wardrobe issues during the spring and summer. You want to wear your cute sundresses and airy sandals so that you don't sweat during your commute to work, cartoon blankets but you also want to be cozy once you actually make it to your desk. Figuring out how to accommodate two opposite temperatures can be pretty frustrating, which is why I'm here to help. I've spent four consecutive summers shivering at my desk, and I've picked up a few tips and tricks along the way on how to stay warm while still wearing something seasonally appropriate. These 10 wardrobe hacks are easy to pull off, and will help you stay chic while also staying comfortable. Good luck out there!

Since the beginning of civilization, fashion and beauty trends have arguably been defining characteristics of society, and throughout time, there are some historical fashion and beauty trends that have never gone out of style. Ahhh, the world of fashion and beauty. Amazing really, considering how important these things have been since the beginning of civilization, and the fact that they are still nap blanket going strong today.

Fashion and beauty trends not only help enhance and embellish your own physical features, but they also help to distinguish exactly who you are. I guess some things never change, huh? Although fashion is constantly being manipulated and re-invented in new, interesting, and beautiful ways today, we still tend to sometimes borrow and recycle the looks from yesteryear.

This all makes sense, when you think about it, since fashion is not only created to express a sense of one's identity, but also for utility — and there's really only so much you can do when it comes to clothing the body. air conditioned blanket Some things we may have done away with, such as togas, tricorn hats, and cloaks. But there are some things that we've held onto tightly as a society throughout time — their popularity never seeming to fade.